What's with the name?

What's with the name?

Here’s how a lot of conversations have gone lately:

“We’re starting a coffee company!”

“Oh cool! What are you going to call it?”

“Forgotten Coast Coffee”

“Forgotten what?”

“Forgotten Coast”

Why that name?”

***and now we can just send them to this blog post*

For almost two decades, our family vacationed on the Emerald Coast of Florida.  The beautiful weather and beautiful beaches were always something our family looked forward to each spring.  As the kids got older, we moved further and further southeast down the panhandle away from the crowds, each year seeking a place to more easily connect with each other and the beautiful world around us.   Our journey ended when we visited some friends in the sleepy town of Port St. Joe, Florida. From there, we expanded our experiences to Apalachicola and then to St. George Island. We knew there was something special about these places, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  The beaches weren’t any nicer, the restaurants weren’t as plentiful, but something kept drawing us back. One night, while staying on St. George Island, I walked outside and noticed something….stars. Millions of stars were the only light illuminating the beach and the horizon.  My soul felt a connection to that moment and that place instantly and that connection never left.

- Randy Collins, Co-founder

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The Journey: Nov 2017-Now


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